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A private PT studio in Tooting Bec. We tailor studio workouts and nutrition habits to help men and women 30+ surpass their health and fitness goals.

Fitness. Food. Mindset

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The Better Body Studio's

Better Body Programme including workouts, nutrition and mindset coaching in Wandsworth

We offer over 40 sessions a week in our new PT studio in Tooting Bec. Our members love the support, encouragement, and motivation provided in our friendly, supportive, and ego-free studio. Our programmes cater for beginners who have never done any exercise to those who want to get back into exercise after a long period or injury or who want to simply stay in shape and maintain their fitness.As well as your weekly training sessions you get full nutrition support from Ashley, a qualified nutritionist - including meal plans, coaching on healthy eating habits and skills and how to maintain this and avoid any more dieting.All your exercise, nutrition and mindset in one place.


Studio Workouts

Our workouts are designed to get you moving better, build strength and lean muscle, and burn fat.With a focus on Kettlebells and body weight exercise, aswell as incorporating TRX, Ski-erg, assault bikes, olympic bars, dumbells, resistance bands and much more into your weekly sessions.We work all your major muscle groups to give you a full body workout every time.


Access to Fully Qualified Nutritionist

You work with Ashley, a qualified nutritionist, who coaches you lifetime eating habits and skills so you will never need to diet again.We build nutrition habits to give you a positive relationship with food.You are never on a diet, you simply eat healthy and enjoy it.We coach you all the skills you need to stay in control of your nutrition and still eat the foods you love.


Awesome community

Regular social events, team building events, private members only Facebook group, monthly recipe books, advice, home workouts, and access to "The Vault" members area.It's easy to see and access is available 24/7. Plus any help you need from Ashley and the BBG team.

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10 Steps To Eliminating Cravings

Cravings are the number one enemy to any weight loss programme, whether it is exercise regimes or calorie controlled diets. By getting your cravings under control you will have a far better chance of long-term weight loss success!

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