5 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

5 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

5 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

Lift weights?? Me?? Surely not – I don’t want to get bulky I just want to “tone up”!!

Is that what you’re thinking, then you are not alone. Many women make the mistake of focusing primarily on cardio as a means of achieving the sleek, shapely and defined body that they desire.

Sure, cardio is a great way of burning fat, and depending on what type of cardio exercise you are doing, it can also be helpful in toning specific muscles. However; if you want to achieve the results you are after as efficiently and effectively as possible, then you really have to ‘weight’ for it!

Don’t shy away from lifting weights just because you’re worried you might end up looking bulky or unfeminine, because this just isn’t going to happen (unless that is your goal).

Lifting weights is not only an excellent way of helping you define your shape, it is also an excellent way of boosting your metabolism and increasing your fat burning potential.

Here are just 5 reasons women should lift weights to help achieve your ideal body!

  1. More muscle = More burn – Resistance training is an incredibly effective way of burning fat. Not only because you burn a lot of calories when you lift weights, but also because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn doing everyday things, such as opening the fridge, or getting up out of bed. Each muscle fibre within each muscle being used needs to be activated and in order to activate the muscle fibres they need to be fuelled. This means using your muscles burns through energy. The more muscle you have, the more energy it burns. Simple.
  2. Weights help create feminine shape – Do you want to burn fat yet keep your feminine shape? Or perhaps you just want to enhance your curves? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then lifting weights is the way to go. Resistance training will help you achieve ‘toned body’ you hear everyone talk about. Toning up is simply burning fat to see the muscle you have underneath.
  3. Working whilst you rest – With weight training the benefits don’t stop as soon as you put own the dumbbell. In fact your body will continue to reap the benefits of your weight training for hours after you put down the weights. Not only because the more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn, but also because the act of lifting weights actually works to stimulate your metabolism
  4. Stronger and more capable – We all want to be strong, capable and independent women in our own right, so lift weights to make sure you can lift those boxes, or open that jar without having to call on someone to help.
  5. Improve your health – Weight training, and increasing your body’s lean muscle mass, has been attributed to healthier hearts, stronger bones and even smarter brains.

So get lifting to improve your health and quality of life!

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