5 Secrets To Lose 14-25lbs in 12-Weeks

5 Secrets To Lose 14-25lbs in 12-Weeks

5 Secrets To Lose 14-25lbs in 12-Weeks for 35+ busy working women,  even If you have tried everything before and nothing has worked and have struggled with your weight all your life.

And the best part is, you don’t have to go without your glass of wine, eat rabbit food, you don’t go to the gym everyday, or even at all and you can still spend time enjoying yourself with your family and friends.

The End of Hating What You See In The Mirror

Tired of covering up in front of people or in the bedroom?

Had enough of buying bigger and bigger clothes each year?

Are you ready to make changes today to end constant dieting, feeling guilty about eating food, and to start feeling sexy in the bedroom again?

You are not alone.  I’ve heard it from many of my clients.

But there is hope.

Meet Jane. 

Jane is a mum to 2 boys, and runs a very busy successful business in Central London.

She was overweight, had tried lots of diets and personal trainers before but couldn’t shift the weight. She was sick of buying bigger clothes, and not being able to run to the end of the road for the bus without stopping for breath.

Do you want to get back into those jeans that have been sitting at the back of the wardrobe for 10 years?

Just like Jane, who I mentioned above, you can get into the best shape you have ever been.

Imagine how it would feel to have the energy and self confidence you had 10 years ago. 

To look in the mirror and say I love how I look, and walk into a shop and buy a dress 3 sizes smaller than you do now.

Claire had put on 3 stone over 2 and half years and wanted to get back her confidence and have the same energy and confidence her friends had who all had health coaches and who were able to keep the weight off long term and not keep dieting and feeling ugly.

To achieve transformations like Jane and Claire doesn’t require living on rabbit food, avoiding the work parties, or never going to a restaurant again.

Meet Claire.



With these 5 secrets I’m about to tell you, you can drop 12-24lbs, feel 100% more body confident, and not hide away behind big baggy t shirts,  even if you have tried all the diets under the sun, these are the secrets.

I’ve built into my Better Body Plan that is leading to 35+ women in busy jobs and with hectic work and social lives, to achieve results they never thought possible before.

Secret 1: I Don’t Have Time to Go to The Gym

…. that’s one of the basics of why I have developed my Better Body Plan. 

With work, kids, friends and family I know it’s a struggle to find time to fit in travelling to and from the gym, 3-4 times a week every week. I struggle with that and so do my clients.

My workouts are 20-30 minutes long, you can do them anywhere, anytime you can fit it in at home, while you’re travelling, and you don’t need lots of equipment and fancy techniques.

With just 2-3, 20-30 minutes sessions each week at home you can still do all the toning and fat burning exercises you need to to reach your goals, but it all fits in around your weekly schedule.

Secret 2: I Don’t Want To Give Up My Fav Foods Or Drinks With The Girls

With my Better Body Plan, we will make 2-3 small simple changes each week to work on eating healthy but great tasting food and being ankle to keep in your luxuries of a glass of wine and gin and tonic..

You will be satisfied, full and not craving snacks but still able to eat the foods you love to eat.

Alcohol won’t be banned either, you’ll still be able to have a drink with your colleagues or on the girls night out, we’ll just balance it out over the week so we can keep on track with your goals.

Secret 3: I’ve Tried Plans Before But After A While I Get Stressed At Work And Busy At Home And I Give Up

My programme has been designed to build actions for the short term but also to create long term habits that you eventually will do on autopilot.

If one week gets stressful or really really busy, it’s not something you have to beat yourself up about, life happens. We’ll just look at it and take the right steps, with this programme at least you will be able to maintain your progress so you don’t have to feel like you have fallen off the wagon, and have to reset and go back to the start.

Secret 4: I Eat With Partner / Friends And They Don’t Want To Follow A Restrictive Diet

I totally understand, you don’t want to be cooking 2 or 3 different meals for everyone, and having to explain why you’re not eating the same as them.

On my Better Body Plan, you can still eat all the same foods as your partner. You can still eat steak, potatoes, rice, the veggies you like, we will just look at the right portions so you aren’t hungry and still eat great tasting food without spending too much time in the kitchen and looking at other people’s plates.

You won’t be following any crazy restrictive diet, the programme is all about healthy great tasting food, not rabbit food in tiny portions, inline with the food you already eat and enjoy.

Secret 5: I’ve Tried Everything Before And It Never Works

I know, you have probably tried everything before, fasting, keto, being a vegan, gluten free, free from foods, all of these different diets, different training plans, HIIT, Cardio, etc everyone is looking for the latest amazing craze, or fad that will make weight loss super easy.

But the reality is there are just 2 or 3 key elements to weight loss.

Eat in a controlled calorie deficit, moving more, increasing your exercise, and taking control of lifestyle choices, like how much you are snacking, how much you are drinking, sleep, and managing stress.

My Better Body Plan covers all of these factors as we move through the programme.

So rest assured this is not the latest fad diet programme, or quick fix method to starve you and get you to drop weight fast and out of control so it goes straight back on.

It is a bespoke programme built specifically for you, around you to overcome the exact obstacles and challenges you face so you can achieve long term success and maintain the results.

Can You Lose 12-25lbs in 12 Weeks?

After reading my 5 secrets to 12-24lbs in 12 weeks and hearing the story of some of my clients success, you might be left pondering the question; 

“Can I do it myself?”

I hope having shown you it’s possible to lose 12-24lbs  even if you are time short, and have already tried a thousand diets but without having to give up your glass of wine, fav food or diet to starvation, you are starting to see a path forward for yourself.

With the correct support and guidance, like Jane & Claire inside my Better Body Plan you too can regain your body confidence, love the face you see in the mirror, stop hiding behind baggy clothes and get back into the shape you were 10 years ago.


If you would like help like Jane and Claire send us an email with “Yes Please” and I’ll be in touch.

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