How Healthy Is Your Gut?

How Healthy Is Your Gut?

The famous quote by Hippocrates himself – ‘All disease begins in the gut’.


The health of your gut is so important to your overall health. It’s responsible for your digestive system, immune system, mineral and vitamin absorption, hormone regulation and detoxing the body of toxins.


A healthy amount of good bacteria can impact everything from your cognitive ability and health, to your energy levels, to your metabolism, and your muscle strength. 


Symptoms of poor gut health are:

🔹Acid reflux


🔹Stomach aches





🔹Joint pain

🔹Proneness to colds


You need to look after your gut and make it a priority. Foods that contribute to unhealthy gut are:


🔹High processed foods(chips, sweets, biscuits)

🔹Frozen ready made foods



🔹Wheat and seed oils


Chronic stress can also impact your gut health. 

To try and combat and get on top of your gut health :

✅Remove toxins from your food 

✅Eat organic where possible

✅Eat fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut)

✅Manage stress

✅Eat lots of green veggies

✅Eat healthy fats (omega 3’s, coconut oil)

✅Limit intake of alcohol and processed carbs

✅Exercise frequently

✅Sleep well (at least 7-8 hours a night)

✅Avoid using antibiotics if possible


Eat right, take time to de-stress and enjoy life. Your health is your most important asset so make it a priority.

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