How to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow” mindset??

How to overcome the “I’ll start tomorrow” mindset??

How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll start tomorrow”?

I’m guessing quite a lot.

I have said it to myself a lot too over the years.

It’s simply just procrastinating.

The act of delaying or postponing an action.

It’s not because we are lazy we just always think we have time, what will one more day matter?

The main reason we delay doing something is we, as humans, tend to seek immediate rewards so if we think something is going to take longer than we would ideally like then we stall and delay.

If you have a work project with a deadline it’ would be much easier to start it straight away and work on it but by bit, but we leave it and the work builds up and then before you know it you’re in a panic to get it in on time.

Your health is another example.

While we are fit and healthy we think to ourselves i’ll start my new fitness routine tomorrow there’s no rush whats another day or week.

But delaying it simply just means we have to work harder at it further down the line.

You could get injured.

You could get ill.

And being the healthiest you can be and the strongest you can will not only make you feel much better but enable you to recover quicker.

I speak from my own experience as well as seeing it with many clients over the years.

Don’t wait for something to happen to make you do something.

Follow these steps to make it easier:
  • Set a to do list – weekly of daily what ever works for you and work through the tasks in order.
  • Eat frogs first – not literally, but start with the hardest task first then the remaining ones won’t seem so difficult
  • Just do it – don’t overthink it. Get started and stuck in, starting is always the hardest step so just dive in and see how you go
  • Concentrate on the process not the end result – breaking it down into smaller more manageable tasks is easier than focusing on the the end result. IF you want to lose 20lbs then break it down into getting to the gym once a week, or cutting out snacks etc. The smaller steps will lead to the larger gain.
  • Commit publicly – tell someone what you are doing, someone who will support you and hold you accountable. You are 80% more likely to succeed if someone is supporting you.
  • Reward yourself – if you hit you weekly target of no biscuits, or 10,000 steps every day then reward yourself.
  • Forgive yourself – everyone slips up now and again thats ok. You don’t have to give up on everything, just accept it and reset the next day. It’s how we learn and move forward. SO if you have bar of chocolate of a few glasses of wine, or miss the gym once thats ok, just don’t let it pull you back into old routines.

Take charge now.

You health and fitness it so important to your life as well as those of the people you care about.


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