Stress and Weight Gain? What To Do…..

Stress and Weight Gain? What To Do…..

Stress and Weight gain……..


A word that covers so many things.

Also a word that can be taboo, or is not talked about openly very often.

All of us feel stress whether its weekly, daily, hourly….

Stress comes from all aspects of our lives.

Sometimes stress can cause us to lose weight, we stop eating, we don’t feel hungry the anxious feeling inside makes us withdrawn….

Stress can also result in gain weight.

We comfort eat, increase our alcohol intake, feel less motivated to exercise, move, or go outside.

You may not even realise what is causing you stress because our instinct is to shut off anything that makes us feel anxious, sad or scared so we learn to hide the feeling, but it always comes out in other ways….

  1. Feeling tired.
  2. Teeth grinding.
  3. Headaches.
  4. Chronic pain
  5. Increased irritability.
  6. Problems with memory or concentration
  7. Loss of libido.
  8. Eating too much, too little, or unhealthily.
  9. Becoming less social.
  10. Insomnia

Do any of these signs sound familiar?

Especially with what is happening with COVID so many of my clients, friends, family, have seen noticeable changes in their stress levels.

And the longer you ignore the signs, or don’t address them the more it begins to affect your health.

So if you do recognise any of the above signs there are 3 little changes you can make to reduce your stress level…

#1 – It may sound obvious but Increase your exercise.

…. it really does prompt your body to release the “feel-good” hormones like endorphins, which help you to feel less stressed and more positive … try a 20 minute walk and see how you feel

#2 – Breathe.

…. even 1 minute of breathing and listening to your breathe can calm the mind and lower stress levels. 1 minute 2-3 times a day can really make a difference

#3 – Write it down

… if you feel something or think of something that is making you stressed instead of ignoring just sit with the feeling for an extra 5 – 10 seconds then write down how you feel. It will help you process the feeling instead of keeping it inside for it to come out later when you snap at the kids, or your partner.

You aren’t alone, we are all more stressed right now.

So don’t hide it away and keep letting it build up.

If you have a weight loss goal but are finding it hard to drop the next few lbs then stress may be a big factor.

Just increasing your exercise generally isn’t the way to lose weight, a lot of other pieces need to be addressed to, you can’t just reach the top of the mountain without making all the smaller steps first.


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