It’s My 1st Birthday Today….

It’s My 1st Birthday Today….

1 year ago today I was in St Georges Hospital, Tooting getting back my stem cells for my 2nd stem cell transplant.

They call it you r”birthday” when you get the stem cells back .

So today is my “1st Birthday” since having them back the 2nd time.

If you have known me for a while you will know I have a rare blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

In 2016 I had my 1st stem cell transplant, and Feb 28th 2020 I had my 2nd one,

(Yes I feel as bad as I look)

The first one has been classed as a success as I had been in remission for over 12 months, and as I had responded well the first time it was agreed I should have another to try to get into remission again.

I am pleased to report 12 months on I am in full remission again.

There is no sign of the cancer anywhere in my body.

My MRI scans and all bloods show no sign.

I am feeling fitter than I have for ages.

I am in training for my first duathlon in March, and my first Triathlon in June,

From that first diagnosis of cancer in 2014 to now a year after my 2nd stem cell, well its been a journey.

Lots of highs,

lots of lows,

Lots of lessons learnt along the way,

But if there was ONE thing I have learnt and try to remember to appreciate every day and make the most of it

In many ways I am lucky to still be here.

To have such an amazing wife and daughter to support me,

To have such amazing friends and family around me

To have a business still going strong, and despite the challenges of COVID

…. I say lucky because I feel lucky, but it’s not luck,

It’s belief….  and my passion life,

Belief in myself that I could overcome this obstacle (I am sure there will be more in the future)

Belief that what comes  my way I can face with strength and positivity

And even when it was REALLY shit, really hard and dark, and the pain was so bad I just want to sleep, and the fight was pushing me to my limits….

Belief and having those around me giving me love and their belief in me got me through.

Life will always throw us challenges, will always push us to our limits and beyond, sometimes when we think we can’t take any more…

My advice…. search out the smallest thing that makes you smile, brings you joy and keep focus on that,

There is so much to do in our life, so many things we are experience that bring us happiness, joy, make sure you find what they are for you and keep hold of them 

….If life gives you lemons, make lemon gin and add tonic 💛🍋🍸

I hope you have an awesome day, I’ll be celebrating with my girls in the lovely sunshine we have, ….take in the fresh air, be present in what you are doing and smile


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