Angie – March Client of the Month

Angie – March Client of the Month

Angie joined us last Summer wanting to bring fitness into her lifestyle. Since then she has only ever missed one session which is amazing commitment, and every session she has a smile on her face and pushes herself in all her workouts.

In that time Angie has lost over 12kg, 8cm from her waist and 7cm from her hips. We look at all indicators of progress on the programme not just weight on the scale. So as well as this amazing progress Angie has also PB’d a massive 97kg deadlift!!

Why did you join the BBG Program?

I was terribly unfit! In my youth I had stayed healthy and fit – loving any and every sport and completed
A Level PE… in my adulthood it seemed I hadn’t.

In my 20’s I put on about 9 stone through mental illness, inactivity and food… I mostly ate foods high in carbs and sugar, and would drink far too much caffeine and alcohol. Over time I became used to my plus size looks, the unhappiness of outgrowing clothes, and I was used to getting out of breath with short walks or stairs.

I was at a bridge point health wise when I saw a BBG advert. Whilst I no longer drank, and would begrudgingly do light exercise… I had no idea how to start shedding the pounds, or to enjoy exercise again. I needed something to help, and took interest in finding out more about the studio.

What were your goals?

Threefold: to loose weight, to become healthy, and to start to get a buzz from exercise again.

Although enthusiastic when I first met with Ashley, in all honestly I did not know if I would get anywhere towards any of those goals.

The overhanging mental illness that had afflicted me in my 20’s has never left, just become a bit more workable. I knew it was going to be exceedingly challenging to make steps to get anywhere near these goals.

How did you feel before you started?

I was pretty anxious. Aside from the challenge of walking into a room of people I did not know (an
exercise studio at that!) I also had a fear I would not manage to keep up the classes, or that I would be
too out of shape to complete them. As with many people, it seemed there were many obstacles in the
way of me managing to attend and take part.
I worried, essentially, that I would fail in some way and not meet my goals.

How have you been supported?

There is a lot of support… class size (five people max) is helpful, particularly for me coming back to
exercise after so long – and with so little confidence. The class number means individuals can be guided
appropriately, exercises can be altered if someone has an injury, and there is a lot of encouragement.
This is good when I struggle in motivation through an exercise I dislike (burpees and lunges I’m looking
at you!)

We get our measurements every 6 weeks which is good to check you are on track. Ashley and the team
will encourage you to have these done. I was not expecting to see much difference in these, but actually
I have marked improvements to waist, arm, and leg measurements.

How are the sessions?

They actually go really fast! I mostly look forward to them, as for the active 50minutes of them, I don’t think of anything apart from the movements I am doing, the next movement, and the next, and so on… there is no other part of my daily life where I am fully concentrating and focused upon just one thing, and therefore that time out from a busy London life is a blessed relief!

The trainers are all enthusiastic and each session is designed differently. Plus other people in the class support and encourage each other.

How do you feel about your results?

I’m chuffed, I really am… Aside from a shrinking waist, and going down in weight for once, I believe my energy levels are creeping upwards. I think I have better posture, and walk taller.

There is a long way to go… a good few stone left to loose and plenty of further healthy changes I can make… but I feel great about the results so far, and will continue to attend BBG to keep moving forward.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting?

I’d say go for it…. and if you struggle with the thought of exercise, fear failure, or other obstacles such as mental health issues then I would say go for it even more! You never know, it may help improve your quality of life.

Thank you Angie for being such an amazing and valued member of the BBG community!!

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