August Client of the Month  – dropped 2 stone

August Client of the Month – dropped 2 stone

Hannah started on the programme in June this year and has come on leaps and bounds and really make awesome progress in her health and fitness goals…..find out what she has achieved and how she finds the BBG programme…….

Why did you decide to join the Better Body Studios and how did you feel before starting and how do you feel now??

Ever since I got into my 40s, and following a knee injury a few years ago, my weight had edged up and my fitness levels gone down. I had reached a stage where I constantly felt sluggish and everything ached and the simplest physical tasks were an effort. I knew I had to make a change.

The changes I have made to my eating habits do not feel like a “diet”. It all feels sustainable and like a life change rather than a quick fix. I never feel hungry.

How do you find the sessions and trainers and the BBG community?

The small group sessions are perfect for me because they motivate me to push myself harder than I would on my own and watching everyone get fitter and achieve goals is even more satisfying than just meeting your own targets.

The fact that I am coached by 2 or 3 different trainers is very good for me because there is no danger of doing the same routines and your body is constantly getting new challenges and finding new muscles to ache the next morning! (A good ache).

What results have you had so far and what’s your goal going forward?

Since joining I’ve lost 2 stone!! My body is a different shape and I have tons more energy.!!!

My plan is to try and lose another 2 stone over the next 6 months, but more importantly keep up the fitness levels.

I’ve signed up for the tough mudder next month, which I’m still mildly terrified about, but which is something that would’ve been totally inconceivable 3 months ago.

Can’t thank Ashley and the team enough!

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