Cathy – July 2018 Client of the Month

Cathy – July 2018 Client of the Month

How did you feel about your health and fitness before you started in the studio?

I was constantly tired, lethargic and feeling negative about myself. I was out of breath after one flight of stairs, very aware about my lack of any kind of strength and just desperately wanted to change things, and get strong! Having previously been quite fit in my late teens/early twenties from doing dance shows back in SA, being in the dance studio 4-5 times a week, I was angry with myself for having let it get so bad over 12 years in London in the rat race, I was just over it. My main motivation for joining wasn’t actually weight loss (I remember telling Ashley this just before I joined!) but actually to become strong, and if I lost weight in the process, then great…

What were you worried about before you joined?

I worried that I would find it too difficult, be embarrassed about my weight and lack of fitness, and that I would lose faith or interest and would give up too quickly. I realised very quickly that the supportive atmosphere in the gym between the ladies, and especially from the trainers during the sessions, was the different ingredient that I had never experienced before when embarking on previous failed ‘life change’ programs… it makes the world of difference and keeps me interested and having fun, all while getting stronger and becoming a better version of myself. The support and advice from Ash and Steph during the nutrition programs has been massively eye opening, too – I’ve realised that diets don’t work, it’s about educating yourself about what your body needs.

What were your goals?

To get strong. (Still an ongoing work in progress!!). And of course, to lose those centimetres along the way 👍🏻.

How do you find the studio sessions and BBG community?

Every session is different and challenging, but you feel safe and supported at all times. This is what sets the Better Body Studio apart from other gyms.

How do you feel about your health and fitness now?

Completely different. Not just because I’m 10+ kg lighter already, that helps, but I’m a fitter version of myself than I’ve ever been, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself more and more as I go on.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?

Just do it (copyright Nike!). Don’t overthink it, just get on with it and put the work in, be consistent, and have FUN with it. The trainers make it fun, so as long as you turn up and give it your all, you’re 3/4 of the way there 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

Awesome job Cathy !!

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