February Member of the Month Sara

February Member of the Month Sara

Starting a new fitness programme is never easy but since Sara started in the beginning of January she has put in 200% to her sessions, having not missed one.

When she is in the studio she always pushes herself in each workout, never complains and supports others in the session.

Her strength and mobility has improved as well as having lost 4kgs in 6 weeks and 3cm from her waist.

1. Why did you decide to join the BB studios ?

I needed to get back control on my lifestyle and this is quite challenging when you are on your own and you have a busy life and travel a lot.
I had tried different gyms and CrossFit boxes without success and I found that what BB studios was offering was different, still strength training but also nutritional and coaching support for changing the right habits and a friendly community in line with my age and lifestyle. It was also in my neighbourhood and had a flexible schedule which is key for my busy life

2. How do you feel before starting and how do you feel now?

As I mentioned before I was a bit lost on how to get back to good habits I had in the past back in my country, Spain. I had tried different gyms, different diets…
I know feel that I have control back, that I am getting healthier and that integrated in a nice community.

3. How do you find the sessions and the community?

The sessions are great, you generally work all the body parts and are different every day. The size of the classes is great too allowing the trainers to challenge you and correct when needed.

And the community is great and friendly I’ve felt welcome since the beginning.
Ashley, Steph and the trainers help you to be accountable, they are continuously involving us in different challenges and self assessments on your achievements and goals.
In particular, I love the nutrition challenge support that you get from everyone.

4. What’s results have you achieved so far?

I joined BB studios only 2 months ago but I already see the results.
I am loosing fat, focusing on healthy habits as sleep, water intake and feeling better in general.

I am also more aware on what to eat and when depending only activity.
I also see that my upper body strength is increasing, I am starting to do my push ups without knees and I am way more motivated. I started with only two sessions per week and I am starting to do 1/2 extra sessions every week.

5. What are your goals going forward?

There is still a long journey ahead. I’ve taken the firsts steps, but I need to continue in the right direction to improve my body composition, strength and don’t loose track.

6. What would you say to someone thinking joining?

If you are ready for a change or need a further step in your healthy lifestyle, this is the right place, you will love the community.


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