Hannah – Member of the Month Feb 2021

Hannah – Member of the Month Feb 2021

Hannah has been a member of the studios since Jan 2020, to say she puts her all in is an understatement.

Like everything in her life, when she does something she gets focused and gives it everything she has. She is a joy to work with and know, her smiling face uplifts all the other members around her, she supports the other members in all her sessions.

Hannah has made such amazing changes to her fitness, and understanding of nutrition, its with a massive round of applause she is our February Member of the Month,

Here’s what she has to say about her journey and the programme…

1. What were you struggling with before you joined the studio (how were you feeling)?

I’ve always been relatively fit and healthy, but with a very busy lifestyle, I was getting very slack at going to the gym (a conventional gym) and I notices that my diet was featuring more and more processed food.
I felt out of shape, lethargic and was definitely a bit more ‘squishy’ than I had been in the past. I wanted to overcome this and boost my overall mental and physical well-being.

2. What attracted you to the studio and what had you tried before?

Many years ago, there was a period where I went to Ashley’s Zumba classes. Via our Facebook connection I’d seen various ‘posts’ and ‘lives’ about the Better Body Studio. The ‘lives’ really amused me (Ashley bouncing around the Tooting area and making healthy smoothies at home whilst his little girl proclaimed that they looked ‘yuck’!)
I really loved the ‘feel’ of this and it got me thinking about why I wasn’t using my conventional gym membership when I had been such a ‘gym bunny’ in the past. I quickly realised that my conventional gym was becoming super commercial and very impersonal.
I also felt a little out of place and uncomfortable amongst the many much younger gym members with the oh so common blown up lips and other body parts that seem to be so common these days! I came to the conclusion that I had to ‘break up’ with my gym (in this instance it was absolutely them, not me!)
It occurred to me that the Better Body Studio might be able to offer a much more bespoke, personal and ‘age appropriate’ (!) way of exercising.
I also really liked the idea of semi-private small group sessions.

3. Were you nervous before your first session and how did you fee after?

I was a little apprehensive about my first session but quickly realised there was no need to be.
I was greeted by the lovely Sam who was so friendly, gentle and encouraging, as were the three other members who were present. I actually remember thinking that that my first session was quite ‘easy’.
Ok, I might not have been swinging the 20 kg kettlebells that I do now and ‘pacing’ myself to avoid looking totally unfit, but it did give me the confidence that I could come back and try a little harder in my next session.
Overall, I was really pleased I had taken the step to commit to a new way of looking after my overall health. I was excited to get the show on the road.

4. What support have you had since joining (trainers, nutrition, lock-downs etc)?


Focusing on the studio sessions, the trainers are nothing short of fantastic.
Each and every one of them are always devising new and varied routines which can be modified to each individual depending upon ability and other factors.
There is a real focus on technique and safety and despite the hard work, I find them super fun and rewarding.
Of course, all the trainers are absolutely lovely. I genuinely can’t wait to see them for a good old natter at various points throughout the week.
When joining the Better Body Studios, I hadn’t appreciated that the studio sessions were just part of a wider package of services. This is what has really blown me away.
Ashley and the team are constantly providing advice, support and encouragement with regard to good nutrition, healthy habits and mind-set.

How I have changed my way of looking at health and fitness….

I have learned a whole new way of looking after my body and mind which is thoroughly enjoyable and, no question, has massively contributed to significant health gains.
I’ve never been overweight and so have never really thought too much about what I eat. However, on my first day I was thrown into an on-line ‘nutrition challenge’.
I loved it and have participated in every one since. They are such a great way of learning how to be mindful of your nutrition and eating habits for the long-term without going anywhere near a horrible, restrictive, faddy diet (because that’s not what the Better Body Studio is about). I also love the monthly healthy recipe books which are available.
During the various lock-downs we have all endured, all the studio sessions moved on-line.
I was initially skeptical about this but I can genuinely confirm that the on-line sessions are just as effective as being in the studio.
Ashley and the team have worked even harder to provide us with even more support during these testing times. There have been more on-line ‘posts’ and ‘lives’, together with additional ‘at no extra cost’ core (abs) and Pilates sessions.
These are super popular and add yet more variety. Certainly, my lock-down experiences would have been very dark and difficult were it not for the Better Body Studio.


5. How do you find the community?

Another lovely aspect of Better Body Studios is the community. Of course, we have meet during the sessions (albeit on-line at present), but with so much interactive on-line activity, there is are additional opportunities to connect, communicate, debate, share views and tips and offer encouragement.
It’s such a great way of staying motivated and, again, all members are so lovely.

6. What would you say about anyone sitting on the fence about joining the studio?


Get off that fence and join! There is so much to gain both for body and mind!

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