January Member of the Month – Harriet

January Member of the Month – Harriet

Our first Member of the Month for 2020 is Harriet.

Harriet has been with us since last summer and is getting married this June. She planned well in advance which is always a good thing.

Her attendance to her studio sessions is fantastic, she hardly ever misses a session.

She takes all advice on board, follows the nutrition challenges and gets involved in the community.

Like everything Harriet has her ups and downs, its not always an easy road but she has remained focused and determined to hit her goals, and we have loved supporting her and watching her achieve. Her studio PB’s have been amazing, read her journey so far below……

1) Why did you join the studios?

– I wanted try something different – my exercise routine was barely there and I felt uninspired. I saw BBS on Facebook and it just seemed very friendly and approachable. When I took the plunge to fill in the first form I was so nervous but then a phone call from Ashley made the whole thing more personal and manageable!

2) What were your goals?

– to lose weight and get fit! I also really wanted to try some weight lifting…

3) What have you tried in the past?

When I was younger I used to play a lot of competitive sport but a London lifestyle and a busy job made exercise slip to the bottom of my list of to-dos. I started walking to and from work which helped a bit but wasn’t getting me the results I wanted. I found running difficult and boring and struggled to motivate myself to get to gym classes.

4) How is the community/sessions

The sessions are brilliant – the trainers work really hard to make every session different and challenging, and to use all of the different equipment the studio has.

You never know if you’ll be swinging kettle bells or punching pads or even dying on the assault bike.

I particularly love the Squats-Bench-Deadlift sessions where we get trained to lift weights safely. It’s great to have a PB to beat! I also love the BBS community.

It’s a huge part of what gets me to the sessions – a whole load of motivated and friendly people who cheer each other on.

I’d never been part of a studio like this where people know your name and support you.

5) How do you find the support ?

The nutrition challenges are great as they put you in touch with the other gym members and teach new healthy habits like 7000 steps, sleeping properly and drinking enough water!

You always have a buddy and the group is inspiring as you see everyone’s meals and progress with the habits. The group feels like a big family and means you get support through your bad days and your good ones!

6) What’s the best thing about the studio ?

The trainers! Sam and Harry are fantastic trainers who are kind but also make sure you are still getting a work out! Their sessions are fun and safe, I always leave with a smile on my face even if I was grumpy going in!

7) What results have you had so far?

I’ve managed to deadlift 105kg! Also I’ve lost at least 2 dress sizes (3 on a good day) and I feel much better – sleeping better, fewer aches and pains, all round more energy.

8)What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining ?

Do it!

Keep it going Harriet, you are an awesome part of  the BBS team and community and we can’t wait to see those amazing wedding snaps!

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