Jennifer Paul January 2019 – Client of the Month

Jennifer Paul January 2019 – Client of the Month

Our first client of the month 2019 January goes to Jennifer Paul.

Jenn started on the BBG programme in September and has made greta progress. As many of our clients when they start who haven’t done exercise for a while, nerves can set in, but Jenn puts 100% into her exercise and training and has so far lost 7.7kg, 10.5cm from her waist, 3.5cm from her hips and 5cm from her thighs.

We love celebrating our members successes so check out her story:

” I joined because I had lost 3 stones on a 500 cal diet so promptly put most of it back on as that is pretty unsustainable. Also I was very tired and being very grumpy at work – a colleague actually commented that he had never seen me like that before! I had also just about decided I was definitely going to retire in 2 years when I’m 60 as I’d had enough. All those things made me want to lose weight sensibly”

My goal is to find a weight I can sustain as I’m fed up with nothing in my wardrobe fitting me in the right season! One summer I’m one size then the next another so I need a whole new wardrobe!

I had put my back out twice before I started so was a bit worried about the weights but actually I have found that being stronger is better and I haven’t had any trouble with my back.

I love the fact everyone is so friendly at the gym. Nice to have a chat and make it a social occasion as well as a workout.

I feel so much better in myself now and am not so keen to retire at 60 – there’s life in this old girl yet!

It has also been helpful looking at the nutrition along with the exercise as what one puts in the mouth is definitely the most important when it comes to weight loss.

I would say to others come and join. If I can cope, anyone can. I’m a musician not a sporty person but the coaches have been excellent and making sure I’m in the right position etc to avoid injury”

Well done Jenn!! We love your renewed zest for life and even wanting to not retire – very inspiring can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold

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