Lexi – March Member Of The Month

Lexi – March Member Of The Month

Massive shout out and congrats to Lexi our March Client of the month!

Lexi’s attendance record since she joined the studios Oct 2020 is very impressive …. she hasn’t missed a session !

Her commitment, attitude and overall approach to her health and fitness is unwavering. She shows up to each session ready to go, with a positive mental attitude and puts 100% into her workouts. She lifts other members up and is a valued member of the BBS

Awesome work Lexi!!

Here’s her story…

How did you feel about your health and fitness before you started in the studio? 

I did very little exercise before I started in the studio.  I have a rowing machine at home, but didn’t really take full advantage of it, only using it for about 15 minutes 3 times week.  Then of course, when COVID hit, I wasn’t even getting the daily walk to the station and back for my commute to work!


I’ve always eaten quite well, which is probably the way that I’ve managed to keep my weight reasonably well in check.  However, even though I wasn’t particularly worried about my weight, I was concerned about the ‘flabby bits’ that seemed to be getting worse as I was getting older.  I particularly hated getting into a swimsuit and just really didn’t particularly like what I saw in the mirror!


What were you worried about before you joined?

I was probably most worried about whether or not I’d stick with it and whether it would really make any difference.  I also previously hadn’t really done anything other than participating in classes of 20 people or more; or using general equipment (bikes, rowers etc) at a large gym.  So I was slightly apprehensive about ‘being in the spotlight’ in such an intimate group.  But I didn’t need to worry about that.  For one thing, in the initial introductory session I was greeted by the lovely, friendly Sam who put me immediately at ease.  I probably didn’t do any of the exercises quite right to begin with, but I wasn’t made to feel stupid and was just given encouragement and guidance.  In addition, the classes are completely unthreatening.  The members are genuinely lovely people which makes the studio sessions really enjoyable.




What were your goals when you first started?

Ultimately, I contacted BBS because I wanted to get in shape so that I could start to like what I saw in the mirror.  I also wanted to lose a little bit of weight, but mostly I wanted to turn the flabby bits into nicely toned muscle.  It wasn’t about what anyone else thought, just how about how I felt about myself.  Vanity aside, I also figured that I wasn’t getting any younger, so I thought it was about time that I improved my fitness for general good health.



What have you achieved since starting with us?

I started back in October last year and I have stuck with it, I’ve even increased the amount of exercise I do outside of the classes and take full advantage of any of the ‘value added’ classes when I can.  I’ve lost nearly 2kg, 4 cm off my waist, 2cm off my hips and about the same off my thighs.  I feel ever so slightly addicted (in a good way) to exercise and the classes, so I guess that means it’s given me more energy.  And back to the question of whether it would make any difference to the way I look… it definitely has!  I really see muscle tone in my arms and a slightly more defined tummy.  The fact that I’ve lost centimetres is a big deal.  Whilst my clothes fitted reasonably well, there’s a bit more room in the them now, and that’s incredibly satisfying.


How do you find the studio sessions and BBG community?

I love the studio sessions!  ‘Life before BBS’ (long ago when I did do fitness classes) I found myself getting bored and clock watching.  I’m sure that’s precisely why I never stuck to it back then.  But these sessions are great and seem to fly by!  Most of my membership so far has been during lockdown, so the classes have been online.  Of course I would prefer being physically in the studio, but I’ve been so grateful to the team for adapting as well as they have.  They’ve continued to make the classes really enjoyable and a lot of hard work too.  To that end, I’ve still felt a huge benefit from the online classes and enjoy them a lot.  I genuinely feel sooooo good at the end of a session… it sets me up really well for the rest of the day.  During lockdown, I had a period of 3 months when I wasn’t working, and the classes were a lifeline for me. I don’t think I would have been able to maintain such positive mental wellbeing without it.

The Community is lovely.  You can engage in it as little or as much as you like.  It’s just nice to know that if you’ve got any concerns or questions, there’s always someone there to ask.

How do you feel about your health and fitness now? 

I feel great.  I have a lot of energy, I’m exercising so much more and really enjoying it.  I love the extra bit of air there is between my waste and my jeans .  I actually look forward to exercising now, and feel a bit robbed if I can’t attend a class or do some exercise for some reason.  It’s completely changed my mind set.



What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?

Do it!  Not much more to say, it’s such a good investment in yourself.

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