May Client of the Month – Sean Curran

May Client of the Month – Sean Curran

Client of the Month

This month we are celebrating some awesome achievements from our member Sean Curran.

Although scale weight is usually the main measure people use to see if they have making progress there are so many other ways to measure if you are improving.

Sean hasn’t quite been with us 3 months but in this time he has already made such a difference to his overall health and fitness and has put in loads of hard work and commitment to get here so a huge congratulations

Not only has he dropped ✅6kg Sean has ✅lost 9cm from his waist, ✅8cm from his chest and most impressively of all Sean ‘s ✅reduced his insulin shots from 4 to just 1 a day

Sean – I joined because I realised that I needed to do something different to sort out my weight and fitness. 

My diabetes was not as well controlled as it should have been and my energy levels were low. 

When I started I set myself a target of losing 10kg by the end of the year. 

At the back of my mind I thought it would probably take me at least a year to sort out my fitness and strength – I had some problems with my shoulders about 18 months ago and I realised I was starting more or less from scratch in terms of strength there. 

The first three or four sessions were very tiring and I felt sore for days afterwards, but once I’d started I knew I wasn’t going to give up. 

The atmosphere in all the sessions I’ve been to has been great. And that makes it easier to keep to the schedule and turn up every time. 

I have also really benefited from having to make a commitment to turning up to the sessions. 

It’s easy if you’ve had to stay very late at work to give yourself a day off the next morning, but that can easily turn into a week and then a month.

I’ve found scheduling the sessions and putting them in the diary has kept me motivated and on the straight and narrow.

The nutrition challenges and the guidance have really helped. 

I think I’m definitely making progress on that front. 

Overall I have lots more energy, I think there is a real mental health benefit to doing the sessions – I have to concentrate on what I’m doing to the exclusion of everything else. 

I am using less insulin now which is a big health benefit. 

The programme is great because you never feel as though you’re working on your own. If you’re thinking of joining, give it a go


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