November Member of the Month – Hayley

November Member of the Month – Hayley

Meet Hayley from Tooting

Hayley was “overweight, lacking in confidence and somewhat miserable” and was looking for something to get off the sofa and into to fun and motivating environment.

Since joining BBS Hayley has not only dropped cm’s from her waist and hips,  she is also stronger that she has ever been.

As well as the fitness aspects, Hayley’s made new friends and loves to be in a community where training is something to enjoy!

1. Why did you decide to join the BB studios?

I have been looking for that push to get myself back into the gym.  Menopausal, overweight, lacking in confidence and somewhat miserable I was looking for something to push me to get off the sofa.  I saw Ashley’s Better Body advert on Tooting PRSS FaceBook / Instagram page.  His enthusiasm is infectious.  I also looked at the gym, saw that there are no mirrors (bonus) and read some of the reviews and I was sold especially after the face to face meeting with Ashley.

2. How did you feel before starting and how do you feel now?

I felt apprehensive before starting and worried about how I would cope with the exercise.  I was worried about how I looked in my gym kit.  About being so unfit around some regular members and would I slow the classes down.  All the members and trainers made me feel welcome and accepted and that I could do anything.  I love the feeling of community and the support.  All of the trainers are cracking, have good banter, good music.  I couldn’t wish for anything better.

3. How do you find the sessions and the community?

I love the variety of the sessions, and that the trainers let you improvise if you cannot do a specific exercise.  They don’t push you to do what you feel you really can’t do.  I have never before actually looked forward to going to gym, now, as you know, it is my favourite place to be.

4. What results have you achieved so far?

Results, as well as losing weight and inches in places I never lose weight (waist, bingo wings).  I am happier and confident.  I feel like my “comfort zone” is getting larger.  I am stronger that I thought and can feel myself getting fitter.

5. What are your goals going forward?

I tend to give things up easily, so my goals are to maintain my attendance and improve my emotional eating.  This has improved so far with he nutritional challenge, I aim to get better.

6. What would you say to someone thinking joining?

New starters – I can guarantee that this will be the most fun you have ever had in a gym where you will find yourself wanting to do more.  it has become my happy place.  You do work hard but get rewarded equally.  You will want to come to class and find yourself wanting to achieve more and stick to the challenges.  I have always shirked my “accountability” for my health and fitness.  With Better Bodies I am proud to be accountable as I grow stronger and more confident with each attendance.   It does not matter what size or age, you will feel welcome, comfortable and able.
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