October Client of the Month – Victoria Swaysland

October Client of the Month – Victoria Swaysland

Congratulations to Victoria Swaysland who is our October Client of the Month!!! 👍👏👏

Victoria started on the Better Body Programme in March. She has committed to all aspects of the programme including her workouts, nutriton and mindset. She has pushed herself and really achieved a lot.

In just these short few months she has lost an impressive 10.5kg, 11.5cm from her waist and 7.5cm from her hips. Her attitude to her nutriton and also her mindset towards exercise has totally changed. Not only that, in her studio workout sessions she supports and encourages and pushes the other members of the studio and really adds to awesome community.

How did you feel about your Health & Fitness before you started in the studio?

I was getting middle aged spread and was worried about impacts on my health as this increases risk of heart disease and diabetes amongst other illnesses . Also I had been going to a gym 3 to 4 times a week but was getting fatter and no difference in fitness! 

What were you worried about before you joined?

Was it going to work for me as I had personal trainers before …. didn’t see any results and hated every moment of it!
What were your goals when you started?

How are the sessions/BBG community?

I am not someone who enjoys exercise but the classes are Fun due to the trainers and the people who train.  You are pushed  and I definitely fitter than I ever have been!  It genuinely feels like a supportive friendly community where everyone supports each other.

How do you feel about your health and fitness now?

I am the fittest I. Have ever been – although I am not about to embark on a triathlon as I still need to get fitter.
The middle age spread has gone and my clothes are fitting so much better 

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?

Persevere – the exercises will all get easier with time and you will get stronger and see results! 

And the fabulous community created for BBG will keep you supported and motivated Plus … it works !!!! I am slimmer, fitter with less body fat than I have had for years !

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