September Client of the Month – Melissa

September Client of the Month – Melissa

Melissa has been on our Better Body Programme since May and has made truly awesome progress.

She has worked consistently hard in her studio training sessions and well as on her mindset and her nutriton and her hard work has really come to fruition.

In just these 4 short months Melissa has lost an incredible 2 stone, 20cm from her waist, 9cm’s from her hips, shoulders and thighs.

She has improved her posture, she is much stronger and leaner and has really transformed her health and fitness.

How did you feel about your Health &Fitness before you started in the studio?

I didn’t have much confidence in it, I had previously been really into running, swimming (wasn’t really a gym person) and enjoyed it, but had really let things slip and after suffering a bereavement in 2017 found it really, really hard to get going with it all again. 

What were you worried about before you joined?

erm, everything! previously I’d go to the gym and not really know what I was doing, or how best to work out and would just stick to things like the bike, cross trainer and hope it was making a difference but it never really did. it was really demotivating so I never really went. I had no idea what to do with a kettle bell or TRX and had never really done exercise like this before. I was also worried I wouldn’t ‘like’ the classes and wouldn’t get in to exercise again. Ashely’s confidence in me from the start and enthusiasm really helped to ease all of my worries. 

What were your goals when you started?

my goals were simple – lose weight and get fit. I knew I was carrying excess weight that didn’t suit or fit well on my frame and it really bothered me. I wanted to feel confident about doing exercise again and feel good about it rather than nervous about even trying. I would get out of breath walking up the stairs and I just thought that has to change.

How do you find the sessions/community?Absolutely brilliant. At my first class when I literally had no idea what to do I had so much encouragement from Jamie and the others in my class. I was slow, out of breath but I never felt that I was behind or was doing anything wrong – in fact the teaching that you get in the sessions is invaluable – it really is a learning process and all the trainers and everyone on the programme is asking questions and making sure you are doing all the right things. We may moan about burpees and hard circuits, but it really is worth it and it’s amazing how much you can surprise yourself by just keeping going with it. the community is amazing – simple things like tips in the facebook group or the 21 day challenge which was amazing for me – you realise you are in this together with a group of strong, like-minded people who are also human but really encourage each other. The first 21 day challenge I did was quite early in (in June) and I stuck to it and managed to break so many bad food habits like snacking.   

Doing challenges together like the recent tough mudder were brilliant as you can all come together as a team and have fun with it without feeling like you are dying! 

How do you feel about your health and fitness now?I feel great.  I feel so much more confident in what I’m doing in the classes and it really is true – exercise is addictive. Plus having lost quite a lot weight as well as seeing a huge difference in toning up it makes me want to just keep going to see what I can do and what I could be capable of. 

I never thought I’d be jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning to get to a class at 8am but its part of the routine now and I really enjoy it – if I have to move classes  around during the week because of work or general life then I really miss not going and look forward to my next session. 

What would you say to someone who was considering joining the programme?Do it! even if you have misgivings, hangups or feel nervous about anything – everyone is there for you, it really doesn’t matter. just give it a go and a try. Everyone is so supportive and you realise that so much of your hangups or lack of confidence is down to what’s in your own head rather than what people actually think. Do it for yourself and also,  believe in yourself. and on the days you don’t, then you’ve got fantastic trainers and a fantastic community there to help you along the way.

Well done Melissa a supplement selection is on its way too you, keep up the amazing work 👍

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