Steph – Regained her body confidence after losing a baby

Steph – Regained her body confidence after losing a baby

Steph ate a pretty good diet generally but she was feeling very uncomfortable in her clothes and her body.

This was a couple of years ago. She had lost a child at only 18 weeks and her husband was undergoing chemotherapy for myeloma so it had been a pretty rough time

Always having been a positive person she decided to commit to taking back control, she stopped making excuses for herself and did what would make her feel better.

For 5 months she committed to eating non processed clean whole foods, removed (nearly) all alcohol and all “cheat” meals from her diet, did at least 3-4 workout sessions a week, mixing cardio and weights… and this was the result!

“I feel like I found myself again” I feel so much more like me, and so much more confidence”

She lost 5kg, 5cm off her waist, she improved her posture and her body image and self worth improved 10 fold.

It was only 5 months, a comparably short amount of time.

But after the 5 months she didn’t “go back to normal” as I hear so often and why diets and quick fixes don’t work, she maintained her eating habits, and exercise routine these are now “the norm”.

She maintained her eating habits, her exercise routine and focus which is why the weight stayed off and she didn’t fall back into old habits.

You can make the change too – and we are here to give you the coaching and support you need so book in a call if you want to see how we can help you

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