12 Week Revive & Thrive Programme

I help busy professional women find time to positively change how they feel about themselves inside and out so they have more energy, less stress, feel confident with their body and have more time for their family.

All without having to step foot in a gym, missing out on quality time with their children or not being able to enjoy their favourite takeaway meal.

This is Jane…

Jane is a mum to 2 grown up boys, and runs a very busy successful balloon business in Central London.

She was overweight, had tried lots of diets and personal trainers before but couldn’t shift the weight. She was sick of buying bigger clothes, and not being able to run to the end of the road for the bus without stopping for breath.

Do you want to get back into those jeans that have been sitting at the back of the wardrobe for 10 years?

Just like Jane, whos story is below, you can get into the best shape you have been for a long time.

Imagine how it would feel to have more energy and more self confidence, less stressed, eating healthier and having a better more relaxed family life

To look in the mirror and say I love how I look and stop the never ending longing to lose weight.

If you want to find out more about how my 12 week Revive Programme could work for you then email me now on ashley@thebetterbodyguru.com or send me a DM via facebook on linkedin or book in a call


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